Important Information For British Citizens And Retirement Visas

Buriram Immigration

I went to Buriram Immigration Office to renew my retirement visa today. I was feeling very blase as I had everything I needed. Two photos, signed copies of all the relevant pages of my passport, filled in form TM7 , proof of address and a letter from British Embassy confirming monthly and annual income.

Imagine my horror when I was informed the Embassy letter is no longer sufficient to verify income. They wanted to see my bank book to confirm that I had sufficient funds in my bank account or to confirm I had a satisfactory monthly income coming into my Thai bank account.

They told me that once they were “stupid” but not now and they are not interested in how much money you have in a UK account, only what you are actually bringing into Thailand to benefit the country.

Fortunately, my monthly income combined with what I had in my account was sufficient. So the requirement now is :- 800,000 bht in a Thai bank account, (minimum of 2 months. 3 is safer.) or

65,000 bht a month going into your account .

Or your monthly income x  12 plus the amount you have in your account, which should total 800,000 bht or more.

They were perfectly pleasant and once I returned with my bank book, I got my visa with no further delay.

They still want to see the letter from the Embassy but they also need to see your up to date bank book. Whether this will apply to all Immigration Offices, I don’t know but they did insist it is now the correct procedure.



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