drivingrange9Buriram driving range has had a bit of an upgrade.

OK, obviously it’s not quite in the same league as St Andrews yet, however a few extras allow players greater scope in the practice of their game.

Distance markers have recently been added to the driving range. So now you can see just how far you hit every ball.

Much like the famous fisherman’s tales, distances of drives may now be regaled by golfers in the bar after their practice session.

Short game practice facilities have also been improved. New chipping nets allow you to practice landing your ball in a very specific place. A handy skill, as some of the greens on Buriram Golf Course aren’t that easy to approach.

Lastly, the well filled practice bunker has been extended and given a general tidying up. So now you can have a go at larger bunker shots and further improve that aspect of your game.

Our Man Having A Practice Bunker Shot

drivingrange graham

Some New Distance Signs Along The Range

drivingrange distance Markers

For normal driving practice 26 bays are available. You can use rubber tees or automatic ball feed if you really don’t fancy bending down. All balls are hit from an AstroTurf mat.

Driving Bays With AstroTurf Mats


Covering a length of 250 yards, the driving range should be long enough for most Buriram golfers. The new distance markers are every 50 yards and up to 250. Of course, If you hit past the final marker you will have a fine story to tell.

At just 35 Baht for 40 balls or 100 Baht for 120 balls, the range is good value. Balls are of varying quality and are generally used, however they are certainly adequate for the purpose of practice. For a fee clubs can be hired also.

With the new facilities you can now hone each and every aspect of your game for occasions such as the Buriram Times Invitation Golf Tournament. (Soon To Be Announced).

Other Facilities Available At The Driving Range.

  • Golf Equipment Shop – for all your basic essentials
  • Re-gripping service – two days
  • Lessons For Children –  Mr Photong (times vary)
  • Refreshment – drinks, snacks.
  • Chipping Green


drivingrange shop

Chipping Green

drivingrange chipping surface

The Entrance

drivingrange entrance

How To Get There

Buriram driving range is situated on the Surin road just before you go round the sharp left bend as you are leaving Buriram. Instead of taking the bend, go straight on and it’s on your left down a dirt road.  There is ample car parking and you will likely be greeted by Luck or Smon , the two lovely ladies who work there.

Run by headmaster, Wuttichai Photong, the opening hours are from 8.30am – 9.00pm daily.

Graham Dresser