Buriram Isaan Property have over 200 property, land and business listings in the area, attractive to investors?


Although the new housing property market has remained buoyant in Buriram this year, land sales and prices slowed which in turn cooled the market.

However  speculation that manufacturers are looking to relocate to Buriram has brought investors back in, which has seen some movement in the land market over recent weeks.

Buriram has been a growth city for the past 6 years and local authorities are aware that they need to encourage companies that can bring in factories and employment to the area.

The leading Real Estate company in the city, Buriram Isaan Property, informed the Times that the area attracting most interest is along the highway leading to Huai Rat.

Buriram is already on the map for Thailand and dare we say with the Chang International Circuit even on the global map, with World Series competitions taking place on a regular basis at the race track.

It would be great news to see some new factories come to the area and provide  jobs which would further boost the local economy.