Good or bad?
Dining in Khon Kaen


 Everything? Nothing?


What`s happening right now in Khon Kaen?

What s hot what’s not?

Seen everything worth seeing?

Know where to go to eat, drink, play golf, tennis, chess?

Know where to shop, for specialist items?

Know where to take kids?

Know what the city planners have in store?

Know which hospital to go to?

Know about life in the surrounding towns and villages?


Of course you could check out travel sites like Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, Wiki travel, Tourism Thailand, Isan Sawadee, Travel Fish or even Stickman. I recommend you do. You`ll get a reasonable idea about Khon Kaen.


But they all have a few things in common;


Each one has information that is factual incorrect

They all fail to mention several important things about Khon Kaen

None is written by anyone who lives in Khon Kaen

They often repeat the same information, almost word for word

And they are not with the times (Stickman wrote about KK in 2010!)


But The Khon Kaen Times is up to date. “What?” I here you say.


The Khon Kaen Times is an online newspaper for Khon Kaen

Written by people who live here

Written by people who have experienced most of what Khon Kaen has to offer

Written also to keep you informed. not just about Khon Kaen but latest the latest news in Thailand & abroad


Make The Khon Kaen Times your 1 stop on line newspaper. Whether you live here or are visiting. IT`S FREE!


My Name is Mick Davies, The Editor of KKT. I`m 53 years old, live in khon Kaen. Married to a local girl and we have 2 children. You`ve most probably come across me on a golf course, hacking out the rough.


I aim to inform, amuse & challenge you


Here`s a few examples

1 What is all the massive construction work along the rail tracks for?

2 Where in Khon Kaen does the current Miss Thailand eat?

3 Will `Pai` ever be released?

4 How do you stop ants in your house?

5 Where can you sail & watch power boats in Khon Kaen?

6 How do you get the same TV as you do back home? Virtually free.

7 We all like a story with a happy ending, like a massage. Are you sure you know them all?

8 Which, rundown looking restaurant, do wealthy Thais eat the best Beef soup I`ve ever tasted whilst listening to music from the UK & USA


Start reading The KHON KAEN TIMES now and soon you`ll have all these answers and more.