The first time I dined at T Bone Steak House in khon kaen was June 2017. I’ve since been back twice because it’s good. A Texan friend of mine also ate there with me and Texans know a thing or two about good steak. He liked it too. So what’s so good about it? Given that from my experience of my own restaurant, getting good steak means only one thing, importing it.

For a start it’s not expensive. Secondly it always has a decent amount of customers, mainly Thai. It’s a buffet style affair with various steaks to suit all palettes. You can load your plate up with whatever amount of food you feel you can eat. This ranges from salads, potato / chicken soup, french fries, pasta, spaghetti, Thai food, fruit and so on. A real variety. Plus there are drinks available.

The layout is spacious, plain, simple and clean. What it lacks in elegant decor it makes up for in the choice and the quality of food served. The only small drawback is the lack of parking sometimes. They are a victim of their own success in that, on occasions, there are limited spaces on the service road near the restaurant. But once parked it’s worth it.

T Bone Steak House is located on highway 2, just 5 minutes from Central Plaza. If you were approaching Khon Kaen from the North on Highway 2, just after Queen Sirikit Hospital on the right you’ll see the restaurant on the left. Be sure to get into the service lane or you’ll drive right past it. I thoroughly recommend a visit.