Lets be honest here there aren’t many of us living in Khon Kaen that don`t occasionally miss food or drink, of one sort or another, from back home. And, as you may know, there are several places in Khon Kaen where you can buy the real McCoy so to speak. Though usually at an imported premium price. There in lies the rub as to not stocking your fridge entirely of western food.

Nevertheless visiting Topps store on the basement floor of Central Plaza, Khon Kaen is a wicked treat. I find the devil on one shoulder saying “You want that”, or “You could definitely eat that”. But the angel on the other shoulder kicks in screaming “Budget!”. Foodstuffs and drink are imported from many different countries such as America, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and more.

It`s nice when you see a newly stocked item. I could have shouted down the store when I saw Leicester Red Cheese. And Pukka pies, and Jacobs Cream Crackers and Hobnob biscuits and Doritos. Oh the list is endless.

I find the ‘International’ display at The Tesco Lotus store on highway 2 heading south from Khon Kaen quite good as well. Plenty of variety of cereals, soups, real Heinz Baked Beans, biscuits, mushy peas (that one might need some explaining if you`re not from the North of England) I`m off on a list again and drooling. Carrying on…. Branston Pickle, Picallili, chopped Beetroot in a jar, real Jam, proper tea, real pasta and so on.

Another good source I found, though out of Khon Kaen, is The Buriram Pie Man. www.burirampieman.com. He does some exceedingly good pies and lots of other stuff at very decent prices. Check out there site, mail or phone an order and they`ll arrange delivery for a negligible fee.

So all in all if you’re missing your favourite food from back home, there`s a good chance you can actually get it in Khon Kaen, though at inflated, imported prices.