The Bangkok post reported yesterday that:

“The planned resumption of the bus service between Khon Kaen and Vientiane on Wednesday has been postponed indefinitely because of problems on the Lao side, a Transport Company official said on Monday.”

Operated by the state-owned Transport Company and a Lao company,  the service was halted more than two years ago following the arrival of Covid-19.

The Bangkok post added that,

“With the pandemic receding, the two sides had agreed to resume the service on June 15. However, a Transport Company official at the Khon Kaen terminal, Siriporn Supaso, said on Monday it had been further delayed.

The Lao partner was not ready, citing the weakening of the kip currency from 250 to 450 kip per baht and the higher fuel prices, he said. The Lao side wanted the fare to go up by 20 baht.”

Of course it is still possible to get the bus up to Nong Khai from Khon Kaen then take the shuttle across. The direct was convenienient however, as it dropped you directly in the city, so no need for a shuttle bus and then taxi.

The reopening of the border is of course good news, not only for visa runs but also for buying duty free wines and lao bread and beer. Although you can buy the bread in Nong Khai of course and freeze.