You may have seen reports on social media that Kim Jong Un had been assassinated. The news was actually reported via the ‘East Asia Tribune’ who claimed reports of an apparent suicide attack had come via North Korea’s official news network. The same outfit have claimed in the past that China was to have ‘Alternate Breathing Days’ due to pollution.

Even so the news story caused tremors in the South Korean stock market. The exchange rate for the South Korean won spiked to 1178 won to the U.S. dollar, before closing at 1172.7 won. Defence stock rose momentarily only to fall once the rumours had been quelled.

The shadowy figure of Kim Jong Un is perfect for these type of rumours as he appears so infrequently in public. The BBC decided recently that a photo of him smoking a cigarette was newsworthy. To be fair to the BBC, it was claimed that he had packed in prior to the photo as an anti- smoking campaign was launched in North Korea. Still, it’s the smoking guns we need to worry about.


Kim pictured recently fag in hand.

This sort of blatant fake news from the East Asia Tribune does nothing for the standing of internet only news sources and I doubt the short term viral benefits bring in big money, so it’s hard to understand.

Buriram News will only bring you news from trustworthy sources of course and shuns sensationalism.

With an internet full of conspiracy theories and fake news it can become tiresome and who wants to read through endless 9/11  tales.  Occasionally a real story does emerge. One such story that springs to mind is that of the murder of cricketer Bob Woolmer in 2007, the then Pakistan coach but that is another story. (A simple Google search reveals the details of this unsolved crime).