This is the wonderful view that visitors are faced with as they approach the steps to the Big Buddha at Khao Kradang National Park before litter rears its ugly head.

297 steps to the top. (It gets STEEP halfway up !)

It is hugely popular with visitors going to see the Big Buddha, as well as people simply wanting to use the steps to keep fit. (Highly recommended !)

However, not everyone is treating this beautiful site with the respect it deserves. This is what people going up the steps see on both sides over the walls.


It is very sad a place of natural beauty and religious significance should be treated in such a callous manner. There is no excuse for it and rubbish is evident throughout the park despite notices requesting people to dispose of their litter appropiately.

Seems clear enough.

Whilst the park is not inundated with litter, there shouldn’t be any. However, as visitors walk along the roads and tracks they are not presented with many bins which may explain some of the problem.

On the other hand it would be nice to think that one day there won’t be any !




By Juninho