Mango sticky rice & Tub Tim Krob listed in CNN’s 50 best desserts around the world

CNN’s recent list of the world’s 50 best desserts includes Thailand’s mango with sticky rice and water chestnuts in coconut milk.

The news agency explains that a true sticky rice with mango experience uses either the sweet Nam Dok Mai or the more acidic Aok Rong mangoes that pair well with sticky rice. Meanwhile, the chilled bowl of crunchy chestnuts in coconut milk, known locally as Tub Tim Krob is easily worth the flight to Bangkok.

Thailand’s desserts are often influenced by foreign delicacies, such as Hong Kong’s Dan Tats, or egg-based tarts, while the Sweety Gloden Drops or Thongyib Thongyod has its origins in Portugal. However, mango with sticky rice is a unique Thai dish due to the use of coconut milk over the mango and rice.

Other famous dessert items on the list include Black Forest Cake from Germany, Brownies from the United States, Chocolate Chip Cookies from the United States, Chocolate Mousse from France, Doughnuts from the United States and Japanese Cheesecake.

Source: NNT

By Eddie