Buriram nightlife area

A spokesman for the Ministry of Interior has announced that businesses in the entertainment sector could reopen as of Monday.

Bars and nightlife related businesses will be allowed to open on the understanding that music will be kept at low volume and no neon lights displayed outside.

There was concern that if business owners followed the initial guidelines, their bars, nightclubs and discos could have been closed for 30 days. This would have caused severe hardship to the vast number of people employed throughout Thailand who work in nightlife- related businesses.

There was also concern for those who work on the fringes of the nightlife industry , such as food and other street vendors who along with taxi and tuk-tuk drivers, would suffer from the knock- on effect.

Buriram now has two busy night spots, the main one being in the square off Thani Road where Speed is located and also the Lively Market complex off Java Road which has become popular over recent months with a range of new bars .

The individual venues will be allowed to use their own discretion, providing they remain within the guidelines.