sim Golf4The answer to every amateur golfer’s (and pros) prayers may have been finally answered . A company called has developed a brand new indoor golfing experience using various products developed by other companies.

They have assembled a host of state of the art, high tech golfing aid devices into a single package to produce the ultimate golfing experience.

This can actually be installed in your own home (space allowing) or on commercial driving ranges. Many , I’m sure, will take advantage of this ground-breaking technology.

It provides a realistic indoor golf environment for both playing and practicing.

The company state that they can take you to an indoor golf world that is easy to use and understand. Their aim is to improve players’ golf AND have fun at the same time.

Foresight G2

foresight g2

At the centre of the SIMGOLF technology is the Foresight CG2 which uses a stereoscopic camera system that precisely captures and analyses ball characteristics at club impact.

This gives the most accurate ball flight in 3D graphics format. It is portable and easily used on the practice ground and top players such as Justin Rose are already making full use of it.

The data is then entered into the software, whether it is course play, club fitting, instruction or skill challenge. This can be then accessed and viewed at the player’s leisure.

Weight transfer can  also be analysed by standing on electronic footplates.

The performance simulation software can analyse shot shape, compare club performance and perform detailed gap testing and analysis. ie the different distances you hit different sets of clubs.

The Driving Range Mode, which is included in every package, provides a perfect visualisation of every shot you hit.

You can play or practise on any of over 75 world-class courses in their Course Packages. The FSX Play software delivers your favourite courses in stunning, true-to-life 4K resolution.

FSX Play Simulated Course

sim Golf course

SIMGOLF manufacture frames and enclosures, netting, hitting bases and putting greens that will transform any available space into a beautiful golf environment.

You can go for the custom fit or the standard unit, it’s up to the individual.

Just Imagine ……………

sim Golf garage

For those living in Thailand SIMGOLF has already opened in Bangkok and at the moment first-time visitors can spend an hour at the facility for free.

We are not sure when this offer ends or have any information on prices at the moment.

As an avid golfer I find all this very exciting but one thing I do know, it won’t come cheap. But really good things rarely do!

See SIM GOLF asia website here.