Nong Khai Braces For Potential Flood



Nong Khai province is another critical area where the water level of the Mekong river suddenly increased 30 centimeters in a single day, and is expected to continue rising by another 50 centimeters due to heavy rains in Thailand and Laos. The province is now preparing for a large volume of water from Loei province, expected to reach Nong Khai in 18-20 hours.


The Mekong River level in Nong Khai has rapidly risen again, with the water level recorded today at 3.44 meters by the province’s hydrology station, which is 29 centimeters higher than yesterday.


The province is now expecting the water level to rise about 50 centimeters tomorrow, due to reports of a 70 centimeter water level increase at Chiang Khan hydrology station in Loei province upstream. This volume of water is expected to flow into Nong Khai province over the next 18-20 hours. The weather in Nong Khai today is cloudy, with occasional rain throughout the day.


With the rapidly rising water level, owners of rafts and boats on the river have to tie their vessels together with slings, and adjusted the catwalk to suit the higher water level to prevent damage to the vessels. Fish farmers are also keeping a close eye on their floating baskets in the river.


In the neighboring province of Bueng Kan, Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary chief Thaweep Kampaengmuang said today that continuous rain has increased the water volume at waterfalls located in the sanctuary where the water flow is very strong. For safety reasons, the sanctuary has temporarily closed to visitors until the situation improves.


(Source4: – NNT)

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