Buriram province is geographically and culturally part of North East Thailand colloquially known as Isaan. As well as promoting all things Buriram we realise it’s not the only flourishing province in Isaan.

We intend to bring you more features from around the Region, particularly from places like Khon Kaen and Udon Thani that have proved to be popular with expats and visitors alike.

From Ubon to Udon Thani, it’s a big country.

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Buriram Girls

We have already covered  an Isaan Food Top Ten and some lesser known dishes, most of them spicy of course. The region also has a distinct sound, see our The Music of Isaan.  A region with a population of over 20 Million, the culture comes not only from nearby Laos but also has Khymer influences.

But what about a holiday in Isaan? A good itinerary for a 2 week trip to North East Thailand could be as follows:

1: A quick stop in Khorat city, gateway to Isaan, with a good Isaan night market.

2: Khao yai National Park. Over more than 2,000 square kilometers of forest and grassland with hiking, biking trails and many waterfalls. The park is home to wild elephants and also shelters diverse wildlife such as bears, gibbons and hornbills.

Beautiful Khao Yai
Beautiful Khao Yai

3: Buriram ! Of course, a trip to Buriram City. Take in the Football or Race track as well as the essential visit to the Phanom Rung Temple Complex.

temple complex buriram
Phanom Rung

4: Ubon Ratchathani. Sample far North Eastern culture.

Isaan food
Isaan Food.

5: Udon Thani – Long a popular with farang Ex-pats. Udon combines diverse entertainment and facilities along with an excellent location for trips to Laos. Has regular flights to Bangkok.

Promo girls in Udon's 'Beer Park'.
Promo girls in Udon’s ‘Beer Park’.

6: Nong Khai – border with Laos over the mighty Mekhong.

Maekhong Sunset
Maekhong Sunset, Nong Khai.

7: Carry on to Lao or track back to Khon Khaen, known as a commercial centre in the region but also worth a trip out to surrounding traditional villages.

Vientienne, Laos
Vientiane, Laos

This itinerary doesn’t include great places like Roi-Et, Mukdhaan or Sakhon Nakhon. So the more time you have the better. Spend as long as you can in Buriram, the city especially, has developed a great atmosphere.

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