Brits fear driving abroad.


One in five Brits are too nervous to drive abroad – and almost half worry about accidentally breaking  road rules on holiday.

Unfamiliar roads and traffic laws can make for tense car trips while overseas.

Around one in five drivers are too nervous to get behind the wheel abroad, a study has found.

Despite enjoying a holiday overseas, 19 per cent of British motorists said they would never drive there.

Conducted by TravelSupermarket, the study also found 63 per cent feel less confident driving on roads abroad than they do on roads back home.

The biggest concern about taking to the road on holiday is how unfamiliar drivers will feel, while 46 per cent are worried they may accidentally break a road law they didn’t know about.

Despite this concern, a large number of Brits will still opt to hire a car while on holiday.


  1. China
  2. Thailand
  3. Mexico
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. Russia
  6. Vietnam
  7. Colombia
  8. Turkey
  9. Hong Kong
  10. Ecuador El Salvador
  11. Brazil
  12. United Arab Emirates
  13. Guatemala
  14. Honduras
  15. Italy
  16. Chile
  17. Turkey
  18. Korea
  19. Malaysia
  20. Argentina

When it comes to hiring a car abroad, one in 10 take the opportunity to hire a vehicle which is nicer than the one they drive at home.

Though for 56 per cent, they will most likely end up with the most cost-effective vehicle while 13 per cent choose the model they feel will be the safest.

Fifty-one per cent think hiring your own car gives you the opportunity to see more of the natural landscape, and 36 per cent are glad to avoid the confusion of different public transport systems.

When driving on holiday, women are more concerned about the dangerous driving of other motorists on the road, while men worry they may inadvertently damage the rental car and lose their deposit.

Emma Grimster, spokesperson for TravelSupermarket, said: “Renting a car abroad may seem daunting if you’ve never driven abroad before, however, the freedom it gives you can enable you to have a fantastic holiday.

“Having your own wheels can open up a whole world of opportunities for exploration and discovering a destination in a new and unique way.

“So much of the anxiety surrounding renting a hire car on our hols is a fear of the unknown, however, once you’ve tried it, it may be much easier than you imagine.

“Prepare for your trip by doing some research into the rules of the road in your destination.

“Also be aware of items you must have in the car with you e.g. a spare wheel, warning triangle and reflective jacket when driving in Spain.

“Take it steady and stick to the speed limit, taking in the local scenery as you travel.”

Times comment:- Good to see Thailand only number 2 ! But it does show our reputation is global !

(Source:-The Sun)

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