Yesterday, the Thai woman who ate bat soup on YouTube was arrested in Sakhon Nakhon province in northeast Thailand.

Officers from Phon Kaew Police Station arrested the YouTuber – who is also a teacher – under suspicion of “possession of protected wildlife carcasses”, violating Section 17 of the Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act (2019).

The YouTuber is facing up to five years in prison and/or a fine of up to 500,000 baht.

Police said that she initially denied the charges.

The bat eater has since posted another video online apologising to “society, doctors, journalists, collegaues, family, and friends.”

She said she did not have ill intentions and said it was a case of “not thinking” enough.

The YouTuber promised not to eat bats again.

(Source: – The Thaiger)

Police also charged the YouTuber with crimes violating the Computer Crimes Act (2007).