We take for granted that the quality of our air is good when it may not be. The hazards in our air are invisible demons we can’t see until it is way too late. The news starts to pay attention when in places like India the air gets so smoggy they can’t see. Far before that unhealthy levels of PM2.5 and PM10 particulates are floating in every breath of air you breathe.

Moist of us are concerned about our health. We watch what we eat, drink bottled water, exercise or do other healthy activities. Are you as careful about the air you breathe? An average average-sized adult male 70 kg inhales approximately 10,800 liters of air a day! That’s over 273,700,000 liters in a normal life! The Equivalent of 109 Olympic Swimming Pools!!!!!

It’s time to take as much care of the air we breathe as the water we drink. The first step is to know the quality of your air by monitor the air either from sources like:
• Local agencies – http://aqicn.org/city/thailand/khonkaen/
• Download the Plume Air Report App

• Use your own air quality monitor such as the Super Seal Air Quality Meter and App.

Then you will know exactly the quality of Your Air!!

Just knowing the quality of the air isn’t enough. What do you do once you find the air quality is not good? We all need to get out and go to work or school. We can’t just stay inside and there is no guarantee inside is any better. The best way to protect yourself is to wear quality personal air protection like the Style Seal Personal Air Filter. Not all masks are created equal. Don’t waste money on masks that don’t work. To learn more about personal air protection go to  https://thesuperseal.com/



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