RONNIE O’SULLIVAN plans on cutting out his legendary rages – by learning from Buddhist monks!

The Rocket’s amazing snooker career is matched only by his spectacular bust-ups.

Ronnie O’Sullivan has revealed plans to live with Buddhist monks in Thailand//TWITTER @RONNIEO147

He has head-butted press officers, destroyed dressing rooms, admitted to “pushing his luck” with drugs and suffered with drink and depression.

O’Sullivan’s most recent clash came when he BARGED Ali Carter during his Betfred World Championship defeat in April.

Five-time world champion O’Sullivan, 42, tweeted: “I’m going to do three months in Thailand living with the Buddhist monks.”

He insisted he was “totally serious”, adding: “It’s always important to have an open heart, no matter what.

“I know it’s tough but life lived from the heart feels much better then a life ruled by the head.”

(Source:-The Sun)

By Juninho