Smashed! Pattaya Expats drink everyone else under the table, new survey reveals.

A Thaivisa survey has showed showed that almost a third of Pattaya expats have a beer every single day. This compared to a Thailand wide average of about one in four.

The survey also revealed that some expats may be killing themselves with their beer consumption.

A staggering 7% admitted to imbibing 50 bottles a week.

Figures from the UK showed that this was not safe, the survey claimed.

Some 64% of 118 respondents in Pattaya admitted to having a beer three times a week.

There were also details about those who abstain. The teetotal in the UK amounted to one in five of the population.

But in Thailand that dropped to one in ten.

In detail 31% of Pattaya expats said they had a beer everyday.

In the whole of Thailand this was 27%.



In all there were 692 respondents to the survey – more than those who were asked to vote on whether Thailand would be better or worse in five years time.

Thaivisa notes that expats seemed to be enjoying a beer today and letting tomorrow look after itself – especially in Pattaya!

Source: Thai Visa News

By Eddie

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