A common sight in Thai homes ? (Photo:-Thai Rath)

Thai Rath published a feature story on the issue of snakes invading people’s homes in Thailand.

They spoke to construction engineers and a university vet who gave the benefit of their advice.

This might save people from the ignominy of being bitten on the rear end as has happened in several high profile cases recently.

One man needed 15 stitches to his sexual organs after a two metre python bit him in Soi Pradit Manutham 5 in Bangkok.

While a woman who had the presence of mind to grab and hold onto a three metre serpent in Bang Pakong was bitten on the posterior and left hand.

These incidents are just the tip of the iceberg, however, said the Thai media. Problems exist both in Bangkok and up country.

Cases of snakes invading human spaces are running into tens of thousands per year and are on the rise.

Construction experts blamed broken pipes, poor design and bad positioning of toilet pipes and improperly installed septic tanks.

While the Kaset University vet said that people encroached on animal habitats and you could hardly blame the snakes.

They often thought that toilet pipes were rat or mouse holes and were looking for food.

When bottoms got in the way the snakes were merely trying to eat.

Statistics for calls to the authorities about snakes are going up and up.

In 2014 there were 16,920 calls. But by last year this had increased to 34,354.

There have been 30,647 calls recorded this year in the latest count.

October seems to be a particularly bad month with more than 4,000 calls in some years.

So what to do if a snake pays you a visit? Help is at hand!

Thai Rath said that most people don’t know that you can call the National Park office on their hotline on 1362.

Local rescue foundations or firemen can also be contacted on 199.

(Source:-Thai Rath)

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