Statins……..saints or sinners ?

I am currently sorting out some health insurance and I was required  by the insurance company to have an extensive check up. This is something I do regularly anyway at the Army Hospital, just past the Buriram Golf Course (turn left just before the dinosaurs).

I can thoroughly recommend this hospital, especially for foreigners. The staff are friendly and efficient and there is always someone around who speaks English. The cost is also incredibly cheap. I had a blood test, urine test, chest x-ray and an EKG (plus consultation with a doctor) for the princely sum of 1,500 bht !

Considering how busy the place was, I was delighted to be in and out in 3 hours ! Thankfully, I am in pretty good working order and my only blemish was high cholesterol. The doctor explained that I need to watch my diet and prescribed some “pills” to reduce the cholesterol.

My cholesterol has been on the high side for years and my doctor in England was not overly-concerned. He point blank refused to offer me statins as he believes the dangers of taking them far outweigh the positives.

However, I allowed myself to be talked into purchasing a two-month supply for 1,300 bht. The doctor asked if I smoked and if I was allergic to anything. I said I wasn’t and went on my way clutching my bag of cholesterol bashing drugs.

When I arrived home I went straight on the internet to look up this particular statin. To say alarm bells started ringing immediately would be an understatement. Alcohol must be avoided when using these, I was not asked if I drank. Another possible side-effect is heartburn and abdominal pain. I have a hiatus hernia so these are not for me anyway.

However, the really frightening thing about these pills is, there is a very real possibility of liver damage so close monitoring is required. That explains why the doctor wanted to see me in two months.

I began reading more about the “dangers” of high cholesterol and I have been moved to decide that I will NEVER take statins. I am not qualified to write an article about all this but suffice it to say I would URGE anyone who is taking statins, or is thinking about it, to click on the link at the end of this article.

They DO reduce cholesterol but high cholesterol does not cause heart attacks and strokes. They are caused by atherosclerosis (plaque) in the coronary arteries. Please do your own research on this very important matter and make up your own mind.

There is little doubt that huge sums of money are involved in the manufacture and marketing of statins and there is hard evidence to suggest that facts are being hidden and test results “massaged” to obtain favourable results.

The Buriram Times do not advocate that everything in this article is fact, it is only the author’s opinion. However, there are other similar reports on the internet which do give cause for concern.

I must stress that I still recommend the Army Hospital wholeheartedly. The “cavalier” approach to these drugs are prevalent all over the world .


By Juninho