Super GT confSuper GT shall be returning to Chang International Circuit for another two years it has just been announced. 

At a press conference earlier today Mr. Newin Chidchob, and Mr. Masaki Kondo, Chairman of GTA, confirmed an agreement between the Super GT organisation and Chang International Circuit which shall mean two more years of the the touring  car championship in Buriram. 

Under the agreement a wild card entry is to be given to a Thai Super GT team on both occasions. 

The president of the GTA also complimented Chang International Circuit from both the perspective of the racers and the fans. 

He stated that both visits had been a huge success and that the extra activities provided for the racing fans were a great attraction. 

The race, originating in Japan, shall be returning to Buriram’s circuit in October of this year. 

Last year 130,000 people attended over the three days for the motor show and the Super GT race.

Figures shall be released later today regrading this weekend’s attendance and we can inform you at that stage on spectator numbers for Buriram’s latest race meeting.