Exam cheating arrests continue.

Ten men suspected of being involved in cheating in the examination for police recruitment in December have been arrested. They were attending cadet orientation at the Police Club in Bangkok.

The 10 men, accused of copying exam answers from others, were wanted on charges of racketeering, giving false information to police and violating the Article 14(2) of the Computer Act by putting false information into a computer.

Police have confirmed that all those shown by evidence to have been involved in exam cheating would face prosecution. They dealt with “successful” candidates first,  as the cadet class was due to start. The suspects were removed, leaving room for substitute candidates to take their spots.

The bureau had announced 1,141 successful candidates – including 141 substitutes. So, when 22 candidates did not show up and 10 were arrested, the first 32 substitutes on the list were moved up to replace them.

 Meanwhile, the 10 men arrested were among the latest batch of 35 wanted suspects and police would summon the other 25 tomorrow. Warrants had so far been issued for 87 people and more arrest warrants might be issued soon. Apparently, there were over 300 people allegedly involved in the case, and investigators would gradually deal with them |in groups.

Officers have been instructed to extend the probe into exam cheating. To date, cheating has been detected at the Metropolitan Police Bureau and the Provincial Police Region 1 and 7, but officials want to see if there were any more reports of cheating at other police units or state agencies.Police later yesterday allowed the 10 suspects to be released on bail after they put up a Bt100,000 bond. They were told to meet police on February 16.

(Source: The Nation,Thailand)


By Juninho