Premier League Trophy

After the meeting of Football Association of Thailand and Premier League of Thailand, there is an announcement regarding changes for the 2017 season of  all the leagues in Thailand.
• The Premier League of Thailand Co. Ltd will be changed to Thai League Co. Ltd.

• The Leagues of Thailand will be rebranded to “Thai Leagues” with 5 divisions
1. Thai League (18 clubs)
2. Thai League 2 (18 clubs)
3. Thai League 3 (2 zones, 16 clubs for each)
4. Thai League 4 (6 zones, 10-12 clubs for each)
5. Thai League 5 (multi-zone, semi-pro and feeder clubs)

The Thai League top division will be reduced to 16 teams in 2019 season and thereafter.

Quotas for foreign and Asian players remain the same. Top league – Clubs can register 5 foreign players in their squad, at least one has to be from Asia. Actually on the pitch, it is 3 foreign players, at least one has to be from Asia.

By Juninho