Secretly, the Thais have invented an outdoor microwave.

Not to be outdone by modern technology, these clever chaps have been baking chicken in a makeshift microwave for decades.

Their cunning device is constructed using only a metal box, a glass bottle (filled with water), and some dried grass.

The outdoor “microwave” can cook a whole chicken in about fifteen to twenety minutes. As fast, if not faster, than our modern microwaves. A lovely crispy skin and succulent, moist flesh is the result.

Not only is the chicken delicious, I’d say it’s way more fun than using a silly modern microwave. And it’s certainly not bad with a few beers.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1)
  1. Place a glass bottle filled with water in the chicken’s rear – bottle top off.
  2. Place the chicken on a tin lid or a metal plate.
  3. Cover with an empty metal biscuit tin or something similar.


 Step 2)
  1. Cover the tin with dried grass and/or small bits of wood.
  2. Set it on fire!


Step 3)
  1. Watch it burn.
  2. Have a drink.
  3. Do a rain dance.


Step 4)
  1. Take off the tin (keeping your hands protected of course).
  2. Eat and enjoy!




Another classic article from our archives published in 2015 and reported by Rob Gall