Thai tea was ranked seventh among the top 100 Best Rated Non-alcoholic Beverages in the world by TasteAtlas, a travel guide platform.

TasteAtlas is an online food atlas that offers information about authentic and traditional dishes from various parts of the world. It allows users to explore interesting dishes by region, country, or ingredient, and also provides a platform for users to suggest dishes, recipes, and recommendations.

On Sunday, February 19, the website released its list of 100 Best Rated Non-Alcoholic Beverages in the World, and Thai Tea, also called Thai Milk Tea, was ranked seventh on the list.

Thai Tea, known as Cha Thai or Cha Yen in Thailand, is a popular drink made by combining black tea with condensed milk and topping it with evaporated milk. This orange-colored drink is typically served cold with ice, and it is commonly presented in a tall plastic glass with a straw at local beverage shops.

(Source: – The Pattaya News)