The Government in a late night order on 23 June 2020 has removed the mask mandate in all public areas.

The mandate previously required one to wear masks in all public places, even outdoors or alone.

The wordage of the legally binding Royal Gazette order is as follows, in a summary and not a word-for-word translation:

The Ministry of Public Health has moved to wear a mask or cloth mask as a voluntary practice.

It is recommended, but not mandated, to wear one in crowded areas, in large groups of people, and in poorly ventilated places.

People at high risk of Covid-19, like the elderly, with pre-existing conditions, and at-risk should wear a mask properly at all times. However, this is not “mandated”.

The order is effective immediately and signed by Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha.

TPN media notes that private businesses and events have the ability and right to make mask wearing at their establishments and venues required, however.

(Source: – Asean Now)


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