Picture: Bangkokbiz News


Transport minister Saksayam Chidchob intends to act to lower the death toll on Thailand’s roads from motorcycle accidents. 


Three committees have been set up with the possibility of big bike licences and special bike lanes being introduced.


A top level meeting heard that 74% of the death toll on the roads is made up by motorcycle riders.


The WHO has declared Thailand as having the 9th most road accidents in the world. (The per capita number puts the kingdom at number 2, notes Thaivisa).


The committees have thirty days to report on proposed changes to Saksayam and Bangkokbiz News said they could all come in before the end of the year because they involve standards and not specific changes in the law.


Proposals include having separate licences for big and small engines bikes.


Manufacturers may be compelled to introduce certain braking systems such as CBS for big bikes and ABS for small machines.


The Highways Department and Department of Rural Roads have been instructed to look into special bike lanes on certain roads.


Rules such as speed limits in certain areas, use of tunnels and where bikes can overtake are being examined.


WHO recommendations about advertising bike riding to youth are also being looked into. Some advertisements encourage bad riding, it has been claimed, worsening the situation.


Accident response is also on the agenda.


In 30 days Saksayam will decide what changes to make with new measures likely to come in before the end of the year.


(Source: – Bangkokbiz News)

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