Following on from articles we published on Buriram Immigration Office and Best Country for Expats we thought it would be a good idea to put updated visa information on Buriam Times.


If you’re travelling from Europe please read the latest announcement from the Royal Thai Embassy, London below.


If you’re coming to Thailand for work and want to get a Non Immigrant B single entry visa you will now need a copy of your employers company registration document as well as a job offer letter.

With the crackdown on the ‘visa runs’ of old it is now not possible to get a visa exemption stamp for 30 days at land border crossings. 15 days is given at some borders providing you don’t have a history of multiple visa exemption re-entry aka visa runs – we think the maximum is 6. If you want to stay on a tourist visa probably your best bet is to get a multiple entry tourist visa – this requires £5000 in the bank or you can get the standard single entry visa (60 days see below). This can be extended in Vientianne, Phnom Penh or Penang amongst other places by getting a new single entry visa.

Chong Chom, the closest border to Buriram was closed briefly last year but is now open. It has a market and is less than a couple of hours drive from Buriram. I once went there on a motorbike in January, setting off in the morning and have to say it was a bit chilly! Hot enough on the way back and a bit uncomfortable – I definitely recommend going by car unless you’re a keen motorcyclist. The visa process can be a bit long winded on the Cambodian side, I don’t personally recommended using a guide but know some people use them as they speed things up a bit for a small fee. Please let us know of any recent experiences at the Chong Chom border.

Retirement and Marriage visas should of course be applied for at your local consulate or local immigration office.

Remember, it’s always better to arrive in Thailand with a proper visa of some type rather than getting the visa exemption stamp for 30 days, unless that’s all you want of course. You can then change to a more suitable visa once here.

Announcement from Royal Thai Embassy, London

Effective from 13th November 2015, the Royal Thai Consulate, Liverpool will grant two types of tourist visa to Thailand.  Details of the visas are as follows:

Type Fee Validity Length of stay
Single entry tourist visas £  25 3 months 60 days per trip
Multiple entry tourist visa £125 6 months 60 days per trip

To apply for the Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa; (METV), an applicant is required to submit the following documents for consideration:

1.    A completed application form with 2 identical professionally printed photographs (45mm high x 35mm wide);
2.    A current passport with validity of over 6 months beyond the date of application;
3.    Proof of resident status in the UK or Ireland (Passport or UK/Ireland residence card) along with a photocopy;
4.    Original bank statement of the applicant showing a balance of at least £5,000 (for 6 months) or a print-out with official stamp of the bank.
5.    A letter from the applicant’s employer (in the UK and addressed to the Royal Thai Consulate) stating length of service and expected return to work.  If you are self-employed your self-assessment form.
6.    A photocopy of the confirmed air ticket to Thailand;
7.    A photocopy of the hotel reservation confirmation in Thailand.

Non-Immigrant Visa category ‘B’ (£50 single entry / £125 multiple entry)
Must be applied for if you acquire a business or employment. You will need a letter from an employer or your lawyer (if you start a business). You will be issued with a single entry visa only and you must then go to Immigration in Thailand to apply for a work permit and your multiple entry visa. We can only issue a multiple entry visa on production of your work permit or receipt for application for work permit.

Non-Immigrant Visa category ‘O’ (£50 single entry / £125 multiple entry)
This type of visa is for:-

  • People visiting family – i.e. men who are married to a Thai National, along with your visa application you must produce your marriage certificate and a translation of the certificate is required as evidence. A single entry visa is valid for 90 days. A multiple entry visa is valid for 12 months conditional on leaving Thailand for 48 hours every 90 days.
  • A British family visiting husband working in Thailand. Visas are required for each family member including children and the maximum stay on this visa is 90 days for a single entry. A multiple entry visa entitles you to a 12 month stay, conditional on leaving Thailand for 48 hours every 90 days.

If you have any up to date information to add to this please let us know via contact form above or comment below.