Buriram Girls
Lovely Buriram Girls

Thai Currency to weaken this year.

Devotees at a temple in Bangkok have blocked the arrest of controversial monk Phra Dhammajayo who they say is very ill.

Ex British Soldier feared murdered in Pattaya

Free Education is to be restored in the constitution.

Go-Go bars raided in Pattaya – competitors blamed for false tip offs.

Army to distribute water containers to store water for dry season – Buriram Province.

Crunch Time foThailand Bug Foodr Insect Industry – Buriram crickets sell for 150 baht a kilo ! A great article reports on the ‘Chips with Chirp’ that are now considered to be a super food by many in the west.




Buriram’s answer to Angkor Wat and Stonehenge.



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