Prasat Muang Tam is an ancient Khymer temple about 8km to the South East of the impressive Phanom Rung temple. It is in the Prachon Chai district of Buriram Province.

Prasat Muang Tam

Whilst often overshadowed by the amazing Phanom Rung and the solar spectacle that occurs there four times at year, Prasat Muang Tam has some equally impressive architecture and sculptures. It is is also oriented towards the east and the rising sun.

With Phanom Rung  being a must see on a visit to Buriram province, it is easy to take in Prasat Muang Tam on the same day with the route from Phanom Rung being well marked. The gardens offer a tranquil setting for a bite to eat.

Prasat Mueang Tam, translates as ‘lowland castle’ Thai: ปราสาทเมืองต่ำ. The Khleang and Baphuon styles dates its primary phases of construction to the late 10th and early 11th centuries. The primary deity worshipped there was Shiva like Phanom Rung, although Vishnu was also worshipped during the temples history.

It was connected via ancient trade routes to the ‘Great City’ of the Khymer Empire, Angkor Thom. The world famous Angkor Wat Complex nearby is built in a similar style.

The temple has a central sanctuary and two libraries surrounded by an inner enclosure, ponds, and an outer enclosure. The ponds between the enclosures are an unusual feature of the temple, as is the central sanctuary, which is not elevated and has its towers arranged in rows of three and two.. All the towers except the central one have been restored.