hunt ratthapark2Ratthapark Wilairot, who was tipped by the WSBK website to be a front runner in this weekend’s races, is keeping himself in sight of the leaders.

After two rounds of free practice and one qualifying round, the Moto 2 rider is just 0.335 seconds off the fastest lap time of the day.

Even with such a small margin, this places him in 5th position at the moment. However, this by no means out of touch.

Ratthapark, along with his brother and three other Thai riders, is racing in the World Supersport 600cc class.

Next best to Ratthapark of the Thai competitors is his aforementioned brother, Ratthapong, lying in 13th place and 1.088 seconds off the lead.

Third out of the Thai riders is Decha Kraisart back in 16th position and 1.434 seconds from the front. After him is Thitipong Warokorn just one spot behind in 17th position and sitting at 1.491 seconds behind the front runner and leader, K Smith from Great Britain.

K Smith The Leader

hunt smith

Last and unfortunately also least in the pack is Chalermpol Polamai back in 24th place.

Lets give some credit where credit is due. Despite not all leading the field, the Thai riders are of a highly qualified pedigree. Thitipong Warokorn is the first Thai rider ever to join the World Grand Prix Moto2 for a full season.

Thitipong Warokorn -17th After First Qualifying

hunt thithaponk

Decha Kraisart is a two time champion of the Asia Road Race Championship 600 cc class in in 2007 and 2010.

Decha Kraisart

hunt kraiait

Chalermpol Polamai is also an ex Asia road racing Champion in 2009 and runner up in 2014.


hunt polomai

And Ratthapong Wilairot joined Asia Road racing in 2014 and  has impressed enough to be selected for a wild card.

Their middle table positions are if anything not so much a representation their own lacking but more a reflection of the world class quality that they are up against in this World Supersport 600cc class.