Money returned to owner.

A female tour guide returned US$2,074 (Bt69,071) in cash found at Suvarnabhumi International Airport to the owner.

Watcharee Warahkitcharoen, 27, handed over the cash to Kampol Kuakulritthiwong, 57, at the Sor Wor Por FM91 radio station of the Police Communications Division.

Watcharee said the envelope containing the US dollars in one-dollar, 20-dollar, 50-dollar and 100-dollar notes was found on the fourth floor of the departure area of Suvarnabhumi Airport at 6.40pm on October 20.

She said she went to the airport to see off a group of tourists. Her father found a wet white envelope containing cash on the road and asked her to locate the owner. Watcharee said she gave the envelope to the radio station to locate its owner on October 21. She remembered once losing Bt140,000 in cash and realised how painful it would be for the owner.

Kampol said he had gone to the airport that day to see his two daughters departing for the United States.

He gave the envelope to the younger daughter, who in turn handed it to her sister for keeping. Kampol said the elder sister dropped the envelope while putting it in her handbag. Kampol said he filed a report with the police and checked CCTV footage at the spot and saw a man had picked up the envelope.

He said he was very happy to get the money back as he had no way to find out who the man was. Kampol gave a gift basket to Watcharee.

(Source:-The Nation, Thailand)

By Juninho