Tourist bus overturns.

A tourist bus carrying 28 Chinese tourists overturned on the Island of Koh Samui in Surat Thani Province on Sunday night, injuring 10 of the 28 passengers.

Bo Phut  Police reported that the driver of the bus lost control as the vehicle went round a bend, causing the bus to topple over on its side.

Ten of the tourists were slightly injured, the driver, tour guide and the remaining eighteen passengers were unharmed.

Bo Phut police are investigating the cause of the accident, saying charges would be brought if reckless driving  caused the accident.

On November 24th, sixteen pensioners were injured, eight of them seriously, after a bus driver fell asleep at the wheel, causing the bus to swerve and crash in Ayutthaya.

In Thailand the safety regulations, when they exist, are hardly ever enforced. Accidents are bound to happen when the buses are poorly maintained and driven too fast by exhausted drivers.

The government are looking to bring in stricter controls regarding drivers’ working hours so as to avoid drivers becoming dangerously tired.

By Juninho