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At just under 100 kilometres from Buriram, Nang Rong “Beach” is a worthy day trip destination. Set in the district of Non Din Daeng, the sandy shores offer a fun family day excursion.

Depending on traffic and how twitchy your accelerator foot happens to be, you can make it  to the reservoir that doubles as a beach in just over an hour and a quarter, or certainly under two.

Taking you through some green, attractive, sweeping countryside, the drive past Nang Rong is an enjoyable experience for passengers and drivers alike.

Families flock to the “seaside” on weekends to grab a spot of lunch by the water and allow their kids to play in the large lake.

Countless rubber bands and inner tubes are for hire by the hour for kids to splash around with in the water.

Rubber Bands and Inner Tubes For Hire


White sand on the edge of the reservoir lake provides a very real beach experience. If you didn’t know any better you would think you were at a seaside holiday destination.

Bringing your own lunch is possible as countless picnic tables are on and off the beach area.

At the end of the beach a wide selection of restaurants serving Thai dishes are situated in Thai style authentic wood and straw huts raised above the water.

Beach Hut Restaurants


Average prices 100-140 baht for speciality Thai dishes. If you can’t read Thai, bringing a Thai friend is advised as all the menu’s are in Thai language.

A fish dish we tried was, deep fried fish with shredded ginger, green pepper corns, lemon leaves and lemon grass. Refreshingly different.

Also we enjoyed a coconut filled with a steamed seafood curry. Dishes were 250 Baht and 160 Baht respectively. Not cheap by Thai standards but very good indeed.

Fried Fish With Herbs, and Steamed Seafood Curry Served in a Coconut

Nang Rong food

For more casual dining, other stalls selling barbecued chicken, sausages and fruit etc. are there in large numbers.

Just Some of The Many Food Stalls


If you are stuck for something to do on a lazy Sunday or any other day for that matter, a one and a half hour drive to Nang Rong Beach with lunch will kill most of the day. If you have kids they will love the water too.

Nice Place To Kill a Few Hours

Nang Rong Beach2

How To Get There

  • Head out past Big C
  • Follow signs for Nang Rong – Higway 218
  • At Nang Rong take a left onto Highway – 348
  • Follow signs for Non Din Daeng.

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