What happened to an Udon Thani thief last week could so easily happen to any of us. You are strolling down the street – or cycling – and something in a shop window catches your eye, shiny and glittery. You pause to admire some random treasure beyond the glass and you think:

“That’s beautiful. I’d love to own that.”

But you’ve got no money but it. That’s no problem, choose theft instead.

‘All right, everybody be cool, this is a robbery!’

That’s what happened to the hardened Udon Thani criminal who was idly cycling around town on his pushbike when he spotted a gold shop and, on impulse, decided to rob it.

Ban Pheu police in Udon Thani nabbed Charaswong, 34 years old, after he tried strolling out of the Porncharoen Yaowarat gold shop casually clutching a necklace. Gold shops must be full of absent-minded customers who forget they have treasure in their hands and wander out the shop with gold that slipped their mind.

Charaswong was leaving as casually as he arrived, only to find sharp-eyed staff were alert to his mischief and had locked the door from inside.

Charaswong did not appear to be carrying any weapon. He didn’t shout.

“All right, everybody be cool, this is a robbery!”

And staff did not mention him making any threats.

‘I think I’ll try my luck’

A CCTV camera shows Charaswong, apparently resigned to his fate, calmly handing back the necklace, worth one baht in gold. The baht was originally a unit of weight specifically for Thai gold. One baht equals 15.244 grams.

Staff in the shop made light of the encounter; in the CCTV clip, they are heard laughing. Speaking to police, Charaswong admitted trying to steal from the store, saying he was biking past on the way to his place when he thought.

“Why not? I think I’ll try my luck.”

He had come to town for no reason in particular and was on his way home when he saw the glittering red and gold shop and it called out to him.

He parked his bike, walked in and asked to see the necklace. Staff say they gave it to him reluctantly, as he was pretty strangely dressed for a regular customer. Charaswong disguised himself as a robber and was wearing shades, a jacket, cap and Covid mask.

After the staff handed over the necklace, Charaswong got off his seat at the display counter and turned to walk outside, perhaps to get a better look at the gold in natural sunlight?

Udon Thani thief trapped by greed

But the Udon Thani thief couldn’t get past the door.

His trusty old yellow pushbike was beyond his reach. Getaway was impossible, resistance futile.

A background check showed Charaswong had no prior history of offending. He has been charged with attempted theft.

Better luck next time, Charaswong.

(Source: – The Thaiger)