A school van overturned in Thailand’s northeast Nakhon Ratchasima province this morning, leaving 22 students injured. Police and rescuers arrived to find the van overturned along the side of the road, with many students crying in fear.

A teacher and the van driver helped the students out of the van. Rescuers and medics gave the children first aid before transporting them to Non Thai Hospital for doctors to thoroughly examine them.

The teacher rushed to call the students’ parents, who then scrambled to the scene, tearfully hugging their children. The parents of children who were not injured brought their children home immediately.

The van driver gave a preliminary statement saying that he lost control of the van at a curve, which caused the van to overturn.

Thai media reported that the driver had bent down to pick up a glass of water when he lost control of the van.

Police are investigating the incident.

(Source: – The Thaiger)