Another post on the provvinces of the North-East region.

The smallest province in the lower northeast of Thailand’s Isan region, bordering  Roi Et and Ubon Ratchathani. It is famed for its Rocket Festival, which is celebrated at the commencement of the Rainy Season. The homemade rockets, some capable of firing hundreds of feet into the sky, pay homage to the god of rains. The celebration lasts for days with elaborately decorated floats paraded through the town and live music performed for those interested in dancing or partying late into the night.

For those interested in handicrafts, the Village of Ban Si Than is renowned for the triangular pillows found in most Thai households and Beach bungalow bars.

Things to do in Yasathon:




Garland Festival

Garland Festival  is held at the Fa Yat Subdistrict Municipality, Amphoe Maha Chana Chai, during the Makha Bucha Festival. In the event, all the communities will bring the best selected white popped rice from paddy to thread into garlands and be beautifully decorated to represent the heavenly Montharop flowers as offerings to the Lord Buddha. At night, there are cultural performances to celebrate the popped rice hanging offerings then they will be put in the procession to offer to Wat Ho Kong.

Ban Sing Tha Old Town

Ban Sing Tha Old Town is an old town area that appeared in the history of the city’s  establishment. At present, some old buildings with beautiful shapes and designs still remain in the area and are well preserved. There are still buildings on both sides of Srisunthorn Road, Nakhontoom Road , Uthai Ramit Road and Wittayatumrong Road . Visitors who are fond of local culture should find it interesting.

Wat Phra Phutthabat Yasothon

Wat Phra Phutthabat Yasothon has the ancient site and artefacts that still remain today are the Lord Buddha’s Footprint. Inside the temple has a white Ubosot with blue roofs that is beautiful art. The design of the fence and balcony with a striking stucco design. Inside Ubosot has the white jade Buddha image is 2.31 meters high, 3.7 meters high, which is the biggest white jade Buddha image in Thailand.

Ban Song Yae Catholic Church (The Archangel Michael’s Church)

Ban Song Yae Catholic Church is one of the Unseen Thailand attractions. This is the biggest wooden Catholic church in Thailand. Located at Ban  Song Yae, Tambon Kham Toei, Thai Charoen District, Yasothon Province and aged more than 100  years. There is a full name: The Archangel Michael’s Church. Visitors can visit the beauty of this church every day without any holiday.

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